So, I got a ticket last night. I know, not that big of a deal. But I got a ticket when I thought I was going the right thing. Apparently in the State of Washington (and many other states), you have to pull all the way over in to the other lane if an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road (cop, ambulance...) I just thought you needed to slow down and move to the side (not necessarily all the way over). The police officer who gave me my ticket informed me that unless you can't get over (other traffic, not safe conditions) that you have to get all the way over.

Photo By Raleigh

I'm an idiot. I didn't even know that! The officer also informed me that it's been on the news a lot and they're really cracking down. I told him that I don't watch the news, then he said that it's been on the radio, and I said, "Well, apparently not on my station." He didn't appreciate my humor. For not pulling all the way over I got a ticket for $214! Not pretty.

So, here's my tip from me to you (in case you didn't know about this) PULL ALL THE WAY OVER IF YOU CAN IF A COP HAS PULLED SOMEONE OVER!! I've taken one for Team I-Didn't-Know-The-Law, so now you know! Guess that cop got it on my station after all! ;) Be safe out there!