Your first reaction to the title of my blog might be,'are you crazy'? Maybe, but it is never too early to teach your kids good habits, and this weekend I started teaching my 4 year old how to drive!

Before you go freaking out about how I let my little girl drive my car, you can relax! This Tuesday a new video game comes out for the Xbox One called Forza Horizon 2. It is an 'open world' environment driving game where you can basically drive wherever you want to go. You can stay on the roads of you can go off road and explore where ever you want to go. Even the races mostly do not stay on the regular road.

I downloaded the demo for the game this weekend and I put my 4 year old behind the steering wheel and pedals. This is what I learned after 3 hours of driving with her.

credit Amazon

1-Even at age 4 she has 'too good' of understanding about how to actually drive. With very minimum practice she is able to move the car around like she wants.

2-Once she figured out how to control the car, all she wanted to do was crash into other cars or do donuts.

3-My daughter does not like to stay on the roads. Even though she could probably stay on the roads, she prefers to drive everywhere else but the roads.

4-She loves crashing into things at a very high rate of speed and seeing what happens. This is a good thing as long as you explain it is only a video game and how in 'real' driving the object is not to hit anything and go slow.

If you want to learn more about this cool new video game for Xbox, click here!