It's a sellers market in the Tri-Cities! This is the best time in 38 years to sell your house! If you're even considering it, get that bad boy on the market. 11 houses per day are selling in our lovely area, some on the same day they're listed!

The reason for the sellers market? Could be a combination of people moving to the area and Tri-City residents looking to upgrade their homes. Whatever is the cause the real estate agents and sellers alike are SUPER happy! If you're thinking of selling, get on it!

"Now is the perfect time to sell your house," Ken Poletski of Community Real Estate Group said.

This summer, most homes don't have signs like these in front of them for long.

"Marketing time, I would say, is from 30 to 60 days but we have homes that sell in just a couple hours," Poletski said. "Or homes that could sell with multiple offers just over the weekend."

Local home sales are at the highest point in recorded history, which is the last 38-years. But that's not because prices are at an all-time low.

-NBC Right Now