You'd think after ever year of summer coming, people would remember how to be safe in the heat. Nope, not so much. Every year hospitals are full of injuries due to heat, many of which can be prevented. But we've all been there: got into a hot car and gotten a burn from the seatbelt, or had a bit too much alcohol without drinking water. So, to help us all remember what it's like to live in a place that gets scorching, here's a list of ways to NOT get hurt this summer season!


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    Drink water. Drink Water, Drink Water. The end.

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    Water Water Everywhere

    Whether boating, swimming, or just hanging poolside make sure to be reasonably safe. Have the right safety equipment on or handy, and watch the little ones. Kids, even good swimmers, are among the top inured in or around water, so keep you eyes peeled for your little friends. Have a designate driver for boats. It's safe, and if nothing else boating tickets aren't cheap.

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    Hot Metal

    Playgrounds, seat belts, and any metal surface out in the heat has the potential to cause some serious burns. Be careful putting kids in car seats, at playgrounds, touching any metal at all that's been out in the heat for a long time. Second and third degree burns can be cause by just touching cars, so make sure when you're in a hurry to still be safe. and make sure your kids know the metal merry-go-round may not be the most fun when it's been sitting in the hot sun all day.

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    Creepy Crawly

    Snakes, and spiders, mosquitos, OH MY! Just like humans like the heat, so do snakes certain types of spiders and all kinds of creepy crawly things. Make sure when hiking you wear the right shoes, and camping take steps to snake-proof your tent. If the spiders get too crazy around your house, you may think of spraying. Some spiders are poisonous other just annoying when they bite, but better safe than sorry. Also. mosquito repellent is your best friend. Trust me on that.

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    Drink Drank Drunk

    Yes, there will be boating, camping, and long nights out. Just make sure when you're by the pool or otherwise outside all day drinking booze, you also take breaks. Get in the shade once in a while and while you're getting buzzed DRINK WATER! No matter how refreshing the beverage alcohol dehydrates you, so make sure you've got a bottle of water with you. You don't want getting a little tipsy in to alcohol poisoning, dehydration, exahustion or worse.  Having your friends have to call an ambulance for you is the biggest party fowl!

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    Worship the sun, just don't forget the sunblock!

    Every year I used to sit by the pool for the first time and think, "I have a good base tan, I'll be fine." Or, "I'll only be out for a little while." And I get the worst sun burn ever! Now, as an older and wiser person, sun block is a must! Not only does it prevent irritating and sometimes sever sunburns, it helps protect against skin cancer!  And if nothing else, it keeps the wrinkles away! Don't forget the kids too. They need it the most! So lather up, re-apply after long time in the sun and/or after being in the water. Your future self will thank you.

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