When I was little and handing out Valentines in school, I often got confused on whether it was Valentine's Day, or Valentines Day. I mean, we hand out Valentines, if you like/love someone you ask them to be your Valentine, and if you have more than one Valentine they are your Valentines. So, I wondered, was it Valentine plural, or Valentine proper noun (the grammar police in me is crazy.) Here are the official and correct uses of Valentine.

A 'Valentine' is your sweetie - a proper noun

If you have more than one 'Valentine', they are your 'Valentines' - plural

If you give your 'Valentine' a specific card, it's also a 'Valentine' - noun

If you give your 'Valentine' two cards, they are 'Valentines' - plural noun

If you're talking about the specific day in which you give 'Valentines' - it's 'Valentine's Day' (proper noun possessive)

It's 'Valentine's Day,' because the day is named for Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr. It's his day, therefore the proper spelling is Valentine's Day. Now you can put the grammar police (and the nagging question in your head) to rest. I know, that's a HUGE weight off you mind! Have a happy Valentine's Day!!