These days it's hard to think of John Legend without thinking about his beautiful wife Chrissy Teigen, as the two have become one of today's most talked about couples. Which is probably why the famed supermodel was picked to introduce her husband's performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Dressed in a charcoal grey polka dot suit, with a matching shirt, and a small orchestra behind him, Legend belted out his current No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit 'All of Me,' which of course was written for his better half. Between the soaring vocals and the backing instruments, the song took on a higher level of romanticism, which is probably what the singer was going for.

Vocally, the R&B piano man sounded almost as he does on the record, aside from holding on to certain notes for a second or two longer. He also sang the chorus a little louder than the studio version, but both subtle changes worked well.

Before the actual performance, a video clip sponsored by Citibank showed the Ohio native performing the cut 'You & I' in a dark, intimate club setting. He then did a longer rendition of the song after singing 'All of Me.'

According to Legend's explanation, 'You & I' is about the couple trying to look their best when going out, but also trying to remember they only have each other to impress.

"You fix your makeup just so / Guess you don't know that your beautiful / Try on every dress that you own / You were fine in my eyes a half hour ago," he sings.

The camera kept showing Teigen in the audience as she listened to both songs, and even though she's probably heard each cut a million times, she still looked incredibly touched, which shows that her husband did a stellar job of capturing his feelings for her, and that's what any good love song should do, right?