Me and Aj have been arguing for the last few days about what is considered a 'selfie'. The other day, Aj took our usual morning 'selfie'…only this time, IT WASN'T A SELFIE!Aj disagrees. He says the picture below IS a selfie, and I say it's not. Here's why:

  1. It's mostly a picture of ME and I didn't take the picture, which makes it NOT a selfie.
  2. Aj took the picture but only 1/4 of his face(if that) is in the picture, making it NOT a selfie.
  3. In order for a picture to be a 'selfie', it has to be a picture of yourself, taken by yourself! (and there has to be more of you in the picture than not!
So the 3 basic rules for a selfie is:
  1. It must be a picture taken of yourself
  2. It must be taken by yourself
  3. Just because you took a picture of your finger doesn't make it 'selfie'. More of you needs to be in the picture than not. Simple.
Not a selfie ;)