There's a new activity that has made my 'I hate' list, it's called 'moving'! My lease at my apt expired last week so there was lot's for me to do over the weekend. In the process of cleaning and moving, I learned some things about myself and about moving.

One thing I learned about myself. I am such a procrastinator when I don't want to do something! I literally packed all my things and moved them in ONE day which was the last day we were allowed to be there.

With that being said, I learned that when moving, it's best to NOT procrastinate and have most things packed and moved out a day before your lease is up! Waiting for the last day to move out was a bad move on my part. My day started at 6am and from there, it was non stop packing and moving and headaches! Maybe I'm the only silly one who would procrastinate like this, but best words of advice when moving:

  • Be packed and ready to go on your day with most availability.
  • Be packed and out of your apartment a day before your lease is up.
  • Be sure to have your next place of stay READY for you to move in!