A Burbank man is facing charges for threatening his ex-girlfriend with text messages. Reports say that James R. Bateman pleaded innocent to felony charge of cyberstalking with a domestic violence allegation in Benton County. The story is pretty crazy if you ask me and I feel sorry for the victim.

The couple had been to court previously for domestic violence issues but after they broke up the problems started again in June. Bateman started sending texts to the victim witch total to about 150 threatening messages and a picture of a gun. Documents describe some of the threats that were sent like " “Make good with ‘GOD’ its coming and you will pay!” and “always be looking over your shoulder k because I will be there waiting and waiting again sleep tight hun”.

Bateman was released from custody after posting bond on $10,000. He is allowed to travel in Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla counties but can not contact the victim or her family.