When you own your house and have lived in it a while, you start to notice some things looking a little older then they used to. One thing that may be starting to look old might be the rock work on the front of your house. The sun fades these rocks over time but I have a permanent solution that will not cost you much!

A good friend of mine started a side business coating rock work with an acrylic silicone concrete sealer and I had him coat my house. To have this done normally is pretty expensive, but they are doing it for less then half price you would expect to pay. The coating not only looks beautiful but it protects the rocks as well. It even helps limit the amount of spider webs because they don't stick to it very well after it is coated.

The first picture is a wall on my house that is coated and the second is my neighbors that is not. You can kind of tell the difference in the pictures, but my neighbor was so impressed he is having them coat his house today.