The "craziest" story in the news this morning is from a suburb of Denver where a man accidentally crashed his plane into a house -- and it turns out he used to own the house!

Sources say the professional pilot was trying to fly a Geico banner over a Colorado Rockies baseball game when he lost power in an engine and began searching frantically for a field to crash land in. He ended up landing upside down on top of a house! He crawled out of the wreckage and went straight for a garden hose to put out the fire -- because, of course -- he also happened to be a professionally-trained firefighter. It was at that point he realized, "I used to own this house."

This is where I say, "BULLLLLCRAP!" There is NO WAY he didn't know it was his house. He owned it from 2000 to 2003. My guess is he sold it involuntarily and was probably pissed he had to sell it. He was having a bad day, flew over it and decided to go out in a blaze by Kamikaze-dive-bombing his old house. After he survived he had to play dumb and THEY BOUGHT IT!

Let's get a mathematician in to estimate the odds of accidentally crash landing your plane on top of your old house!