Sometimes you try and be nice to someone and they freak out for no reason, like this guy I ran into yesterday. I was pulling into the parking lot for Costa Vida in Kennewick after work around 7pm and a guy in a silver SUV was pulling out at the same time. I pulled over way to the right on the parking lot entrance so they could squeeze by me but they just froze there. They obviously didn't think they could fit in the space so I made a motion with my hand that they should go letting them know he would fit just fine.

The man then proceeded to drive by me making puppet talking motions with his hand yelling "Keep talking ass-h&ole, Keep talking ass-h&ole" over and over as he drove by.

Some people...My message to said Ass-h&le...I was trying to help you, you prick! Take a chill pill or stay of the road!