So Amazon screwed me on my pre-order and told me the Seahawks Blu ray I wanted was unavailable the morning it was supposed to be delivered to my house. That was the 3rd thing I have ordered online in the last couple months that was 'In Stock' when I ordered it, but the day it was supposed to show up suddenly become 'Out of Stock'!

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Can't they keep accurate inventory and keep track of what they have and don't have? How can Amazon, one of the biggest retail giants in the world be 'Out of Stock' when it is even available at local grocery stores?

Anyway, I lost it and almost lost it again if Best Buy had not had it available even though it showed up on their web site as 'In Stock' for pickup. I filmed a video of my adventure walking in to find it with Lady Leah and posted it above. Enjoy!