My wife bought them right after the Super Bowl victory. That night I was still in happy la-la land and wasn't even thinking about shopping -- but my wife was ON IT and I'm so glad she was.All the most collectible stuff sold out THAT NIGHT. She bought me a real-leather letter jacket that will arrive in August and these coins -- all under the auspices of my birthday in June.

The left one was $99.95 and is 1/1,000 minted. The other two (one for each of my children) were $40 and are 1/10,000.

They each have the others' logo on the reverse side.

I don't have an expectation they will increase in value. I'm a huge Seahawks fan and I've waited my whole life for a Super Bowl victory. It's our first victory in the history of our franchise and I want to collect these, not sell them. If I hadn't bought these, I would have wished I had in the future.