The Native American man who played "Smiles A Lot" in the film "Dances With Wolves" heard how John Scott gave his sacred ceremonial drum to Marshawn Lynch during the Seahawks Super Bowl parade Feb. 5. Touched by his giving spirit, and recognizing the incredible loss this was for Scott, the actor replaced it.

The actor is Nathan Chasing Horse, a Lakota Sioux who works to educate young native people about the sacred drum ceremonies.

John Scott is part Lummi Indian and he was hesitant at first when Marshawn asked for the drum during the parade. It was expensive, after all. But in his heart he felt like it was a good gesture. Marshawn had brought Seattle fame and honor. Scott decided it was a good trade: drum for Lombardi Trophy.

Lynch carried the drum the rest of the day and beat it during the numerous rallies to commemorate the victory.