Imagine this, you walk up to the main gate to the Magic Kingdom in Disney World and you don't have to buy a ticket or even walk through a turn style. You don't order your food from a waiter, you order it from your phone and your food magically comes to your table. This is now made possible with new MagicBands, or wristbands that have tons of new technology in them to make all this happen.

The MagicBands seem like regular rubber wristbands and can fit all sized people from kids to huge but they are not. They can be tied to your credit card so you can even buy stuff in the parks without even taking out your wallet. They can find your lost child in the park and they can tell a restaurant when you arrive to eat for your reservation. The main reason Disney created the MagicBands was to eliminate anything that caused you to wait in the park by making your experience faster and easier.

Now if they can just figure out how to eliminate lines all together, Disney Parks will be about perfect.