Here's one album we have all been waiting for! Could it be that Adele's new album is finally on the way?!I've been looking forward to this album for some time now. I think Adele is one of thee most talented artists of our time. She's an incredible singer and an incredible song writer, plus, it's safe to say her record breaking album '21' was one of the best of all time. Rumor has it that her follow-up album to '21' is ready to drop at any moment. Writer James Ingham says:

I can exclusively reveal that the follow-up to second album 21 is already complete and will be released unexpectedly without prior warning, just like Beyonce's last record. I'm also told the album is likely to be called 25, keeping in sync with her previous albums 19 and 21 both named after her age while recording them. My source says: 'The album is written, recorded and finished.' Theoretically it could be released tomorrow if she wanted. The plan is to release internationally on iTunes as a complete surprise without any previous promotion or build-up publicity campaign.

I hope these rumors are true! Adele set the bar pretty high with her album 21 so I'm excited to see what she brings to the table with her album 25.

Kevork Djansezian