Yes, you read that headline correctly! The Black Cauldron (former vegan strip club) is now becoming a shelter for homeless and family center. I know, we need to back up. Yes, there was a vegan strip club. The ladies who danced there wore no fur or animal products, and only vegan food was served. It closed down about a year ago and has been just taking up space in the community.

Now there are plans to make the former exotic dance location into a shelter for the homeless families and individuals in the area.

County commissioners approved the plan Thursday to provide a $300,000 loan for HSI to help repair, upgrade and operate the property, which would house up to 130 people.

The county will also reallocate nearly $400,000 in funding from the 2016 budget for planning, design and management.

The property was formerly home to Johnny Diablo's Black Cauldron strip club, a self-described "dark vegan playground." ~KGW Portland

Portland sure it weird, but in a good kind of way!  See the whole story below...