Road Rage is alive and well in the Tri-cities! Today I was in a group of three cars just coming over the Blue Bridge. We came up on a guy in a black Jetta going slow in the left lane with nobody in the right lane. The two people in front of me pass him on the right and I wait for about 20 seconds and he doesn't move over or speed up. As I am passing him on the right (like the two cars before me) he speeds up and tries to run me off the road! I have to swerve on to the shoulder to avoid him -- but that is not the worst part.

I take the next exit and he follows me to "Let's Party on Edison where I pull in to run an errand. He speeds into the parking lot and uses his vehicle to block me from parking.

This guy in his 50s, balding, wearing a polo shirt and driving a Jetta rolls down his window and yells, "Do you want to fight or race mother f&*ker?"

Let's just stop right there for a second, you are a middle-aged man in a polo shirt driving a Jetta and you want to race a BMW?

-First, there is no stock Jetta (SEL,TDI, or GLI) that is faster then a 330 e46 -- I checked.

-Second, make sure you check yourself before you challenge a younger guy to a fight on the street because you might get ya ass whooped! Just sayin', what goes around comes around.

-Third, get your balding, polo wearing, 50 year old, can't get it up, angry, slow ass in the RIGHT F%CKING LANE!