Oregon has done it again! For the third year in a row, its been the US state that more people have moved to. According to moves done by United Van Lines, they determined the top places people are moving to and from. Washington was also in the top 10, but Oregon takes the cake.

Sure, there are rational reasons people are moving to the Beaver State, but here are the reasons I think people are moving to Oregon, but may not fess up to...

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    It's beautiful

    No joke here, Astoria to Ashland, Oregon is a gorgeous state

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    Water water everywhere!

    And yes you can drink it! Oregon's water is so good that California is constantly trying to take it! But don't move here, it rains too much.

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    Lights, Camera, Action!

    Oregon is a cheap place to film, and a lot of Hollywood has figured it out! More and more movies and TV shows are being filmed in Oregon, so if you wanna be in the background of GrimmThe Librarians, or films like Wild, you gotta be in The OR!

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    Food Truck Central

    This is mostly a Portland-specific trait, but let's face it, most people moving in are going to PDX, and the food trucks are NO JOKE. Yummy meals from around the globe, and at a reasonable price. Foodies everywhere rejoice!

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    Go Outside and Play

    Another one that's no joke; Oregon has mountains, fields, gorgeous coastline, and hills abound. Perfect for hiking, camping, biking, surfing, boating, dune buggie riding, and pretty much anything you want to do outside.

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    Music Paradise

    There are tons of venues across the state and Portland in particular. Pretty much everyone in Portland is in a band, or knows someone in a band. I'm not kidding. Just ask

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    Nerdy Paradise

    Shakespeare Festivals, ComiCons, bars that screen The Walking Dead. Seriously, if you're a geek or nerd of any kind, you'll find your people in Oregon!

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    One of the biggest employers in the state (along with Intel). Working for this company is awesome! I mean, who doesn't want to get Air Jordans at half off!?

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    Legal Pot

    Even if you have a stressful job, you can smoke your troubles away... legally!

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    Dang this show! The dream of the 90s is NOT alive! So stop moving here!

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