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Do You Know This Richland Kid? (burglar in the making)
You'd think these young whipper snappers (yes, I said whipper snapper) would have second thoughts about doing illegal things. Hey kids, big brother is always watching....just DON'T!!
According to Sue Keith Whartons Facebook page:
We need your help identifying this young man who attempted to …
Get Your Basketball Bracket Done for a Shot at a Million Bucks!!
It's on! March means college basketball, and the road to the finals has been paved. But who will make it all the way? If you think you know (or are really good at guessing) you've got to enter our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge! You've got a shot at a cool million bucks...
5 Best Things About the New Fantastic Beasts Trailer!
LUMOS! Here it is, Harry Potter fans! The latest trailer for the new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald film is out! If you're a Potterhead you're already freaking out about the new movie. Or, maybe you weren't depending on how you felt about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fin…

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