Matt Watkins, the mayor of Pasco, has been recuperating since an accident he had Saturday night in Wyoming. The mayor was on vacation and riding his motorcycle, when he encountered a sheep. He was unable to avoid hitting the sheep and crashed into it sending him flying off the motorcycle.

The avid biker was on a motorcycle scavenger hunt near the small town of Douglas when he came around a corner on a gravel road and struck the sheep. His mission at the time had been to take a picture of the front of a mine.

Watkins said he was going about 30 mph, which he thought was a reasonable speed for the corner.

“The sheep just went left and right and couldn’t make up its mind to get out of the road, and unfortunately I hit it,” he said.

-Tri-City Herald
The mayor is recovering from a broken clavicle and his bike is pretty banged up too. And the sheep? Well, the sheep didn't make it. The Mayor is anxious to get back to work, but  will be out of commission for at least a week. No word on funeral arrangements for the sheep, but we're glad the Mayor is okay.