The "classless" and "cheating" Patriots mocked the Seattle Seahawks during their celebration parade for Super Bowl 49. Their running back LeGarrette Blount held up a t-shirt that said "Bitch Mode" with the number 24 on it making fun of Marshawn Lynch, who by the way has about double the yards and touchdowns over the last two years then Blount


@edelman11 is a savage

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The Seahawks released the information that Kam Chancellor played in the Super Bowl with a torn MCL, Richard Sherman played with torn ligaments in his arm, Earl Thomas played with a separated shoulder, and the Patriots want to gloat and brag about how they barely beat us when half the team was crippled.

Their parade should be about celebrating their fans, not wasting it bashing the team they just barely beat. They are like a bunch of children acting like they really don't believe in their hearts that they deserve the Championship and I agree, they don't deserve to be Super Bowl 49 Champions!