If you've ever been to the Portland Airport (PDX) you've seen the unique aquamarine carpet that decks the floors. You probably didn't pay much attention it, as did no one else, until PDX officials announced that they were  going to change out the iconic carpet! The project to remove the carpet (already underway) caused a nostalgic reaction in Portlanders, and an odd new trend.

PDX "Foot Selfies" have been popping up by the all over the place. There have been over 40,000 foot selfies taken, and growing. While the wacky trend started with Portlanders, the Foot Selfie trend has grown, and pretty much everyone who sets foot on the 80s-style carpets has posted their pic. (Check out #PDXCarpet on Twitter or Instagram)

Do you think this is something that would only happen in Portland? Is this weird, or just fun nostalgia? Take the poll below, and check out our PDX Carpet Foot Selfie Gallery.

(Courtesy of Raleigh's friends)