SeaGal Natalie, who is from the Tri-cities, announced her retirement from the squad this morning on her Facebook page.

For the shear thought of losing my fans, your love reminds me to share thanks.

From that first morning I woke up as a part of the greatest football team, to those precious moments of stepping out onto the field.

The volume of your voice spread across this beautiful city, created a loving atmosphere which has become a foundation for my life.

YOU ARE 12’s and I'll always stand with you!

We all make our own fairytale, so thank you for being a part of and making mine.

Till next time, my friends, a kiss farewell…

IG: NatSeattle12"


I only met her a couple of times, but she was always really nice and represented the SeaGals with class. She always took time for the kids and she will be missed by all Seahawk fans.