The apple semi tip over just a couple days ago was no surprise to me, because I've always thought that hole interchange was one of the most dangerous I have ever seen. When they started rebuilding it years ago we all thought it would be better, but I think it is only more dangerous.

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    240 Interchange heading into Blue Bridge

    This is the most dangerous part of any road in Tri-cities. I can't count the amount of accidents and semi rollovers since its completion. The corner catches people that are not used to it, and they create accidents. Also the interchange just before compounds the problem. To fix it, they need a more gradual corner.

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    Port of Kennewick to 395 Interchange

    This is the interchange right before #1 on the list if you are heading down 395 to the Blue Bridge. It is dangerous because people speed down the hill to get into the left lane and then people are suddenly merging and then merging on the other side not 500 feet later. If either one of these were alone they would be half as dangerous then they are right next to each other.

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    Lewis St Exit to 395 South

    This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to merge into the fast left hand lane. People usually do not look for a merge coming up 395 and you really have to fight to get in. It gets really bad around drive time, but is always dangerous. It is amazing how many people try to cut you off there.