Yesterday the movie promotional posters for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were released in Australia and the design will surprise you. The movie comes out in the USA on August 8th, but comes out in Australia on September 11th. They missed the fact that a poster with explosions out the top of a skyscraper in New York city and September 11th together would offend people, but I am not sure how.

It all started with a tweet and now Paramount has apologized with a tweet. Is that ironic or is it just me? Some of their apology tweet includes ""We are deeply sorry to have used that artwork for the marketing materials promoting the September 11 opening in Australia,"and "Combining that image and date was a mistake. We intended no offense and have taken immediate action to discontinue its use."

Got it, but I still do not understand how it happened. Obviously they need a few more people watching, but something tells me there already are after yesterday.