Sometimes Valentine's Day is sweet. Sometimes romantic. And sometimes, it's down right SEXY! Here's a playlist that's SURE to get the mood just right! Sexy songs from all different genres to make THIS Valentine's Day a hit! Play them all or pick your faves. Maybe you shouldn't listen at work. Unless you're dating your boss... ;)

  • 1

    Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

    Not only is this one of the sexiest songs of all time, it has one of the sexiest videos! Take a look, you'll see!

  • 2

    Ordinary Love - Sade

    If you don't know who Sade is, you need to get her in your life RIGHT NOW. She's the go to if you're feeling sad, romantic, thoughtful, lonely, and/or SEXY. Seriously, there's a Sade for every mood you're feeling.

  • 3

    Feeling Love -Paula Cole

    This song is so sexy that when I was making this playlist at work, three different times people popped their heads in to see why I was playing it. Then they proceed to tell me their sexy memories of this song. I'm not even kidding. Now it's time to make your own sexy story....

  • 4

    When The Lights Go Out - The Black Keys

    If you've seen the movie "Black Snake Moan," you will have heard this lesser known, Black Keys song. It's my fave of theirs, and DEAD SEXY. The rawness of the instruments and vocals add to it's gritty sex appeal. You're welcome.

  • 5

    Freak Me - Silk

    There are SO many R&B songs that are sexy as hell it was really difficult to choose which ones to include. Silk wasn't big for very long, but you put this song on, and there's ZERO question where you want the night to lead. Classic sexy music right here!

  • 6

    Gooey - Glass Animals

    Most likely, you haven't heard of newcomers, Glass Animals. (If you have, we can be besties.) However, their style is very much their own, with a hint of 90s chill music. I can't even really put it in to words. But if you put this song on with your sweetie, you won't have to put anything into words. They'll get it.... #sexytime

  • 7

    Red Light Special - TLC

    Slow jam 101: smooth beat, chill instrumentals, sultry vocals. Check, check and CHECK! This song has it all. The lyrics are obvious, but who cares. If it's sexy time, you don't want to leave anything to chance. The more obvious the better. Thanks, TLC, we owe you one!


  • 8

    Rock The Boat -Aaliyah

    Aaliyah was gone WAY too soon, but she left us with some amazing music. Another great R&B vibe that leaves no question as to what you want to do tonight. Very sexy song and video. Enough said, no more talking....

  • 9

    Gold - Chet Faker

    Another newer artist on the list, Chet Faker, is doing everything right. Not only is this song smooth and sexy, but the video is pretty cool as well. Don't play the video for your sweetie if you want to get snuggly right away because you'll be too enthralled watching the video. Just have the song on in the background for desired effect.

  • 10

    Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

    If I even need to explain anything about this song...