Shakira, the sexy Columbian sensation and Rihanna, bad girl queen, finally release the music video to their song together 'Can't Remember To Forget You'.Personally, I enjoy Shakira's music and unique style, and if you know me at all, you know that Rihanna is easily one of my top favorite artists. I love them two working together. The song has just enough of Shakira's style and flavor to make it a enjoyable Shakira song, but when Rihanna come's in, she makes it her own, making it sound like a Rihanna song aka a hot track! I love the collaboration here and I'm not surprised at all at how this music video turned out. If I could summarize this music video in to one word I would call it 'sexy'. What else could you call a music video that includes Shakira + Rihanna in almost no clothes thrown together on to a bed. Am I wrong? Check it out!