We've got two songs we're adding to the playlist but we're not in agreement about it. To be honest, there are reasons why we shouldn't be playing either song, but we think you're going to love them. Read our justifications and see if you agree. 

Katy Perry's "Birthday"

AJ: No brainer. It's Katy Perry. it's moving up the charts like crazy. It's  definitely bubble gum and not something from my own personal selection, but it doesn't rub me the wrong way. It's just one of those records you just have to play.

Leah: It's just too bubble gum pop. And I like pop. But it's one of those songs that gets under your skin.

Naughty Boy's "La-La-La"

AJ: That song is atrocious. The boy is my least favorite part of the song. If you're going to put someone on the hook at least let them be able to sing -- someone so out of tune and out of rhythm with the song -- and then say that's what makes it a great song, that's what makes it catchy.

Leah: It's catchy, it's fun. The boy is my favorite part. I love singing along with it. I love it. I love the way it sounds. It's awesome.