I love "The Amazing Spider-Man" 1 and 2. But apparently others do not. Sam Raimi's 2002 "Spider-Man" with Tobey Maguire made $403 million, the second made $373 million, and the third $336 million. The 2012 reboot starring Andrew Garfield made only $262 and the new film has not yet made $200 million. It's because the movies need to be more fun.Watching the last Spider-Man movie was like showing up at the dentist, they hand you a sticker and you're happy. Then they drill your teeth for two hours. Then at the end they give you a popsicle and you're happy again. Watching a Spider-Man movie should be a lot more fun.

The Sam Raimi movies were kind of silly -- that's not the same as fun.
Take my daughter for example. She loves "The Avengers" and other super hero movies. She likes watching Andrew Garfield swing through the city with his webs but otherwise won't watch Spider-Man with me. They're too dark, too serious.
"The Amazing Spider-Man 3" is in the works for a 2016 release, but now movie experts are predicting it will be delayed to rethink the strategy. The idea was to create more of the same, but if the trend continues, they can't hope to make more than $160 million.

Here's what I think they should do:


1. They should introduce Black Cat. This was probably already going to happen since Felicia was Harry Osborn's assistant in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

2. The villains should be the Insidious Six (Shocker, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, Chameleon and Doctor Octopus). Already some of these characters were introduced in the latest sequel.

3. The plot should be The Six Arms Saga where Spider-Man wishes he could end his super powers, but accidentally magnifies them. This is a cool time in the Spider-Man Universe. He also is forced to make some unlikely friends like Blade, Craven and Hunter.

4. There should be more about Peter Parker's struggle to get along in the world and less about his family life and love life. Life is hard for Peter Parker and that's a great plot line. How his relationships are always damaged by his alter-ego (a dilemma that inspires the Six Arms problem) is also a great plot line.

5. We should see Spider-Man learn his place in the world. Peter Parker is not really confident as Spiderman -- not in what he can do or his role in the city. The compelling story about Peter Parker is not about his aunt or girlfriends, but how he gains confidence. He becomes the embodiment of confidence.

6. Once he becomes confident, we can enjoy much more of the humor Spider-Man is famous for, and he'll become the leader he's destined to be. In five Spider-Man films we've yet to see the Spider-Man who becomes the leader of The Avengers. Who must manage all the different personalities of the super heroes.

My hope for "The Amazing Spider-Man 4":

I want to see the character Venom. I think Sam Raimi really screwed up that character, but he's really cool. I'd also like to see the character Carnage introduced. Also, the Captain America and Six Forgotten Warriors story would make an incredible movie.