The stink bugs are coming! They have been confirmed in 19 of Washington’s 39 counties. You'll notice their sheild-like bodies and dark brown color (upon maturity). While annoying they don’t pose a health risk if you find them in your home. Mainly plants may be at risk. They are attracted to trees commonly found along streets such as maples, oaks and catalpas.

They have caused millions of dollars in damage, so Tri-City area researchers and horticultural pest and disease boards are looking to control the little pests. You can actually turn them in to the WSU extension offices at 5600 W. Canal Drive in Kennewick or 1121 Dudley Ave. in Prosser, or take a photo if you think you have them, and email it to If you're trying to get rid of them yourself, pheromone baited traps have been doing the trick.