Todays schools are very different then the schools I experienced when I was a kid.  I am not saying everything they did back then was great, but there are a few things I would focus on again to get kids ready for the real world. Heck, there a lot of things I would add that I feel have never honestly been focused on enough.

When I was in school, computers were just becoming the norm. We had a full day of classes even as seniors, kids were still spanked with a paddle, and you had gym class every day until you were a senior. Nowadays schools are very different. Most seniors only have about a half a day of classes, they obviously don't spank students anymore, and they stopped having to take gym as freshman or even younger. While both are different, neither generation does a great job of teaching their students certain skills they need to survive in the world. Here is a small list of things I think we could add to our schools curriculum to better prepare our kids.

How to do your taxes
How to judge the quality of an insurance policy
How to balance a budget and keep track of bills
How to start a Roth IRA and how that’s different from a 401k
How to judge the quality of a student loan
What is a credit score, how do you improve it, how do you report mistakes?
Public speaking
Critical thinking
Problem solving
Learning how to cope with emotions and improve your own self esteem
How much an 18 year old needs to know so they graduate high school with some humility
Firearm safety
Basic job hunting and interviewing skills
What to expect from different career paths
How to change a tire, change the oil, and basic car knowledge
Basic electrical (for around the house)
How to access the court system for beginners
Basic HTML and other web design skills
Cooking a basic meal from scratch
How to be a critical consumer of news media
How to shop for a loan
How to find stuff on the Internet (a lot of problems can be solved without help if you know how to find the information online)