Boys will be boys, but it's not every boy who would cause over $100,000 in damages to local business. Two 13-year-old boys were arrested in Moses Lake Sunday afternoon after allegedly causing more than $100,000 worth of damage to Hochstatter Electric. The boys allegedly got access to one of the company's vehicles and used it to gain entry into the building. The cash register was broken and an undisclosed amount was stolen. The boys apparently left the scene, came back, then at some point later were found doing "donuts" in a parking lot.

The boys were taken to Grant County Juvenile Facility and reportedly upon their arrest they were heard laughing and saying that the police couldn't do anything since they are kids (13 years). The boys are facing charges of multiple counts of burglary, theft, and malicious mischief, according to the MLPD. My question is should the boys be charged as kids, or adults? It seems as though they clearly knew what they were doing AND laughing about being arrested shows they need to be taught a lesson. What do you think?