It's Thanksgiving time once again and it's time for all our favorite holiday foods. For Thanksgiving there are certain things I just can't live without. One year on Thanksgiving I didn't get any turkey. My relative bought ham instead! Sure, ham is great, but it just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving without turkey.

So here is a small list of five things I must have during my holiday season or I turn into The Grinch!


  • 1


    I know I already said that but it's so important it needs to be stated twice! Thanksgiving without turkey is not Thanksgiving!

  • 2

    Pumpkin pie

    There's just something about pumpkin pie and whipped cream that screams the holidays. For some reason pumpkin in a pie has been my favorite since I was a tiny kid. Oh, and it MUST be served chilled. Enough said.

  • 3


    Even though I don't need a lot of stuffing on Thanksgiving if I don't have it I will freak out. It doesn't have to be cooked inside the turkey, but it is much better that way.

  • 4

    Freshly baked rolls

    My mom always made fresh rolls for Thanksgiving dinner and for some reason the smell of them cooking just feels like home. I usually eat four or five.

  • 5

    Green Bean Casserole

    I understand if this is not on your list, but I still love it. It's basically just green beans and cream of mushroom soup and that really good crunchy stuff that goes on top (don't ask me what it is -- I think it's some kind of French onion noodles or something).