Caitlyn Jenner was house shopping in Tri-Cities on Monday. Here are the 10 most luxurious homes for sale right now. Ask any area realtor to show you around. Mine is Barry Long with EverStar Realty. We’ve worked together for years and there isn’t a better guy.

1) Road 111 in Pasco overlooking the Columbia River near the 182 overpass. It’s listed at $969,99 for five bedrooms on a third of an acre.

2)      Carr Road and Kahlotus Hwy in Pasco has a pool, gigantic laundry room, four bedrooms and a three-car garage on five acres for $975,000.

3)      This Country Heights Drive home in Kennewick has its own gated entryway and is designed in the Tuscan style. It has 6 bedrooms and a shower with two heads, a wine cellar and a pool on more than 10 acres for $995,000.

4) Court Street in Pasco. Four bedrooms and a huge lawn on half an acre with a jetted tub and a three-car garage for $995,000.

5) This $1.1 million home overseas the river in Pasco, has a wine cellar, a jetted tub, a restaurant-style kitchen and four bedrooms on half an acre.

6) This 4-bedroom home sits on 4.5 acres on the outskirts of Kennewick and boasts garage space for SIX vehicles for $1.25 million.

7) Surrounded by some of the finest landscaping in Tri-Cities, this five-bedroom home on 1.5 acres in Pasco oversees the river. Its asking price is $1.285 million.

8) This $1.35 million on Court Street in Pasco has four bedrooms on almost-an acre RIGHT ON THE RIVER with a ridiculous huge garage.

9) Crosscup Road in West Richland on the Yakima River. This $1.65 million home is on 6.5 acres and boasts 4 bedrooms.

10) The most expensive home in Tri-Cities is almost 7,000 square feet with four bedrooms and a six-car garage on Badger Mountain Loop in Richland. Its asking price is $1.75 million.