The Tire Factory Black Widow Mud and Sun Run is coming back to the Tri-cities Saturday August 2nd! Last year was my first ever experience with anything resembling a mud run and it was a blast. I had run Bloomsday in Spokane before but this was crazy! To be clear, I didn't run last year. I was the starting line announcer that yelled on the mic and played music. I did watch people run the course and I helped Paul Drake tear almost all the obstacles down after it was done. The Mud Run is about to start again even bigger and badder then last year.

First off, the biggest difference is that there will be tons more mud. So much mud, you will not know what to do with yourself. More water, new ideas, and even a few secrets I won't give out here. If you like to get dirty, then the Black Widow Mud Run is for you!

The last thing I would say is that no matter how in shape you are, the mud run will still be fun for you. You can take your time and most people I watched did just that. Everyone said they had a great time and were very excited for this year!

If you want to take part this year, click here for all the details at