Delaware North, the food vendor at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, debuted at the Saints game earlier this month. I had one Sunday and it set me back $15, but worth every penny. It was the biggest burger I've ever eaten.

The Beast Burger, honoring Marshawn Lynch, comes with lettuce, tomato, two patties, two pieces of bacon, ham, two pieces of cheese, onion rings, fries, and -- get this -- SKITTLES!

If it's continued next year, expect to buy one at the Gridiron Grill and 12th Man Grill.

There are a lot of things to eat at CenturyLink Field at Seahawk games -- a lot of great of food. This is one of THE BEST things to eat.

It's probably the biggest hamburger I've ever eaten in my entire life.

When I tried to take a bite, I even squeezed the burger together and couldn't git it inside my mouth, and I have a big mouth! I had to take a bite from the top, then the bottom. It was impossible to fit the entire burger in my mouth. At $15 it's an expensive burger, but BOY IS IT GOOD!

If you want to find it at Seahawks games, I recommend you get it on the second level at the opposite end zones. Section 271 is one the one I'm familiar with.

Go into the stadium and walk around on the FIRST LEVEL WALKWAY between sections 100 and 200. Walk to opposite end zones of the Hawks Nest, or the "wide TV endzone" and look for section 270. Walk in the entrance and it will be right there. Otherwise you'll have to walk around all these stairs... it's difficult, to make a long story short.