Snow is on the way! While some of us love snowball fights and sledding; the rest of us would prefer a steamy-hot beverage and a movie to pass the frozen time. Here's a list of the best "frosty" films to watch for a cabin-fever free snow day! 

Below, I've put together a list of some of my favorite films to pass the time on a cold winter's day.  All are set in, or inspired by snow.  With everything from penguins to vampires; there's something for everyone!

  • 1

    Groundhog Day

    In this comedy classic, Bill Murray finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over.... you get the idea. It's a great way to get a laugh on on otherwise boring day snowed in, and it's good for the whole family!

  • 2

    30 Days of Night

    Not for the faint of heart, these vampires do NOT sparkle. Set in the remote Northernmost point of Alaska, vampires go to hunt and destroy the town of Barrow, where they can roam free from sunlight for a full 30 days! I love the action, suspense, and graphic novel-like filming of this movie. It's scary but not over the top. No kids on this one!

  • 3


    Stallone? Check! Crazy snow-covered cliffs? CHECK! How can you lose with this golden nugget of an action movie!? Yes, it's corny, but what classic action film is not. Great one for the guys, and ladies, trust me, you'll get a kick out of this one too. If you've seen it, you're probably with me on this one already!

  • 4

    March of the Penguins

    Penguins and Morgan Freeman's voice!? How can you lose! This is one of those rare documentaries that's not even CLOSE to boring! Interesting, intelligent, inspiring, and hey, penguins are cute. The little ones (and some of us adults) may be upset when some of the penguins find themselves in danger, but I'd say ok for all ages.

  • 5

    White Christmas

    While there's more talk of snow, than actual snow in this film it's one of my favorite holiday movies. It's the only Christmas movie on my list because I'm a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving to watch Christmas movie. This one is the exception because who can resist a 50s musical with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney? Only a true Scrooge or Grinch!

  • 6

    The Shining

    What do you get when you mix Jack Nicholson with a serious case of writers-block in a secluded mountain hotel with only his wife and son (and a few ghosts)? A lot of CRAZY. This classic thriller is perfect to cure cabin fever... or to remind you that things could get worse. Though a kid also stars in this one, not good for kids to watch. REDRUM!

  • 7

    The Day After Tomorrow

    The funny/scary thing about this movie is that it feels like it's happening now! Due to humans ruining the planet, a new ice age rushes in. One weather disaster after another rocks the northern parts of the world as the government and a handful of special scientists try to save the planet (and one scientist is bound to save his son). While jets won't be freezing in the air over the Tri-Cities this definitely feels like a new ice age right now! OK for older kids, but the young ones will either be scared or just bored.

  • 8

    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

    Who didn't wish they had a wardrobe that would lead in to Narnia after reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe when they were a kid? Only those who DIDN'T read the classic book! Escape to a frozen fantasy world where animals talk, kids rule, and magic is everywhere! Warm up some hot cocoa, and cuddle up with the whole family to watch this classic book come to life!