I ain't of no ghost! But I am afraid of terrible music! First of all, there was no need to remake the snappy 'Ghostbusters' theme song originally done by Ray Parker Jr., but then again, there was no reason to reboot the 'Ghostbusters' movie either (now 'Ghost Busters', two words). The new theme plays on the original, but in a very distinctly Fall Out Boy kind of way. I like Fall Out Boy, however, they dropped the ball on this one for sure. And Missy Elliot's rap is like a little kid wrote it. Feels like they just added her in for the "street cred." Hope the movie is MUCH better than this theme. Take a listen, maybe I'm being too harsh. Oh, and as a reminder of of the original, scroll down and listen to the classic original version. Bustin' makes me feel good!