I myself love the iPhone and all Apple products. You can't compare the quality of Apple products to any other brand. It seems like lately they've been slacking on the iPhone, though. I've been disappointed with the last couple releases. Every time they release the "new" iPhone, there aren't many new things about it besides a slight difference in the appearance of the phone, and a couple of new features that Samsung hasn't already covered on their phones. I couldn't wait for the iPhone 6 to be released. I've been waiting for Apple to hit us with a huge technology upgrade and awesome features, but it just seems like the same old phone each time. The 6 has gotten a lot of attention lately, but it's not very positive. Many have complained about their iPhone bending by simply carrying it in their pocket, and there aren't many new feature updates. Same old iPhone. I'm disappointed in Apple. We all expect so much more from them. I hope the next release will actually be a positive UPGRADE for iPhone users.