Mother's Day is Sunday! I know, searching for the perfect gift can be difficult. Just make sure while you're looking for something unique, you don't cross the line into something awkward. Here are 6 gifts to avoid this Mother's Day!



  • 1

    PMS Pills

    The only thing a woman hates worse than PMS is being giving something that reminds her of PMS. These would be a cute gag gift, but make sure 'Aunt Flo' isn't visiting when you give these to mom (or any woman).

  • 2

    Crazy Cat Lady Game

    Sure mom loves cat, mom loves games, just maybe not this one. Especially if she IS a crazy cat lady. Wait, maybe that means she'd love it. Uh, well, you're going to have to be the judge of this...

  • 3

    Hello Kitty AK-47

    Maybe Mom likes pink. Maybe Mom likes to shoot guns. HOWEVER, combining two faves isn't always the best idea. Mom will be anything but stealth with this firearm, and REALLY!? HELLO KITTY FIREARMS!? I can't even...


  • 4

    Pee Pocket

    While there are many fantastic inventions, not all of them make good Mother's Day gifts. No doubt, mom could find a use for the Pee Pocket, but it's not really the gift she's looking for from her child or husband. Maybe just have these on hand next time you go camping, to a third-world country, or really dirty bar!

  • 5

    Flask Purse

    This one may actually be cool, if your mom is a drinker. Still though, where is your mom going that she'll need to sneak wine or other adult beverages in? Hmmm.... maybe best to leave this gift to your boozey friends.

  • 6

    50 Shades of Grey

    She may have read the books, she may have seen the film, but giving this to you MOM is as awkward as it comes. Stick to brunch, flowers, or a card. Giving mom borderline porn may be a bit much!