Hey, NFL, I have a business idea for you. We can be partners. You know how women always go to those "parties" that aren't parties -- they're women buying stuff and eating brownies? Essential oils, smelly wax, sex toys, purses, jewelry, makeup, whatever? The NFL should create "man parties"!

What if when men invite each other over to watch the game, they can set out an array of NFL products available for sale?

  • lawn chairs
  • clothing
  • coolers
  • koozies
  • serving bowls
  • hats
  • BBQs
  • bed sheets
  • couch throws
  • pillows
  • vehicle decals & wraps
  • tables
  • slippers
  • photographs
  • collectibles

It would enhance the game experience, and by selling the stuff the host can afford more gear for himself! Maybe top sellers can win game tickets!

What's the most awkward part about organizing parties? Inviting people. What's the most awkward part of attending parties? Feeling obligated to buy.

This idea opens up this lucrative business plan to the male gender and eliminates both concerns because the "party" is all about the football game!