February can either be romantic, sexy, or downright depressing! Yes, Valentine's Day is on the way, and while some of us will be covered in chocolates and champagne, others will just be drinking whiskey straight from the bottle after downing a bag of chips ...alone. But no matter you're in a state of relationship bliss or relationship miss, everyone can enjoy a great Netflix night! So here are some great titles to check out no matter what state you find yourself in this Valentine's Day!

  • 1

    Happily Married

    50 First Dates It's cute, it's quirky, and it's about love that lasts even in the strangest of circumstances. Maybe like your long lasting love! Plus, a little reminder of how you first fell in love is always a good idea.

  • 2

    New Couple

    Hitch or Punch Drunk Love

    Laughter and love are the best way to break with ice for new couples. Don't watch anything too heavy, but definitely get some sweet, comedic stories to break the ice on your new romance!

  • 3

    In Relationship, but You Need Some Spice

    LOVE In a word: steamy. You won't even mind that it has subtitles...


  • 4


    The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce

    Everyone has advice on how to get through a divorce. That's what Abby McCarthy finds out in this cute and sometimes touching show. It's a great way to laugh your way through a tough situation.

  • 5

    Single (with Friends)

  • 6

    Single (Alone)

    Bridget Jones's Diary Classic story of the ultimate singleton who finds love with a hottie she didn't even know she liked. This one is watchable over and over. So even if you've seen it, give yourself a good laugh, and hope that the one is still out there!