The Costco free food samples have a hidden purpose. If you have ever shopped at Costco, you know it is almost always busy. So busy in fact, that I try not to ever go there unless we need something really bad. Sundays seem to be the worst days to go, and everyone there seems to be in a bad mood. I am surprised more people don't break out into fights. The busier it gets, the meaner people seem to get. That is where the Costco free food samples come in, they are Costco hidden form of crowd control.

You doubt me, lets think about this for a minute. The free food samples are usually only out when the store is at its busiest. The more people, the more free food tables scattered around the store. You know it is busy when they have a sample tray in almost every isle, like this weekend.

Also think about this for a second. Food is the best way to calm someone down, or defuse anger. Take me for instance, I was getting pretty worked up over people running into me with carts and being rude. But after I took a few free samples, I felt so much better. My anger went right away until I ran into the next rude person, but there was always another table with something else to try around the corner.

This is their great strategy and I think it is working. Let me say that I have never worked for Costco or have I ever talked to an employee about my theory. This is straight from 30+ years of shopping at the wholesale superstore and my experiences shopping there most of my life. I still go at least a couple times a month because my wife is addicted to the milk there. She says it tastes different then any other milk, so I brave the Costco hordes and get it for her.

I just pray there will be the old trusty free sample tray right around the bend.