For those who don't have a clue about what the deal is with the selfie AJ has been talking about, let me tell you the story. A few days ago I was almost late for work because I stopped by to pick up a cup of coffee and it took longer than I expected. Once I got to the studio, Aj was already sitting in his chair with his camera on ready to take our usual morning selfie. He took the selfie as soon as I walked in so obviously it's not thee most flattering. I did the usual girl thing and had a redo. That was the first selfie Aj shared. Then he thought sharing the ORIGINAL not so flattering selfie would be absolutely hilarious, so he did, and that is our second selfie shared yesterday. Aj talked about it all morning on the morning show because he wanted to make that selfie our most viewed and liked selfie on our Facebook…he was successful unfortunately. Today, he's not quite over the picture so he wanted a second 'almost late' selfie, only this time, he's reenacting me in the picture lol. Looking at the pictures side by side, I say it's pretty close! Lol

Selfie Redo