I learned today that Marshawn Lynch went to Turkey in the off season to teach women the sport of football. The camp was actually for both boys and girls but they taught the game to both the same. Lynch was there with multiple NFL players for a group called American Football Without barriers. Just a few stories give a peek into the real person that Marshawn is that we never get to see.

There is a story of a boy who started crying on the sidelines because of his play on the practice field, and Lynch stepped in. He took the boy aside and gave him a 20 minute pep talk, gave him a beast mode t-shirt and sent him back out on the field where he played great. Later the boys father said Lynch told him "there are no losers on the practice field and that it is about learning lessons." Lynch also refused to let the charity pay for one leg of the trip and insisted on paying himself.

Marshawn Lynch is very misunderstood. But if you listen closely, you can hear what the Beast is saying especially when it comes to supporting kids.