Sometimes, you want to find new music. Your music is great, and the radio is great, but sometimes you want to find something/someone completely new to you! I've compiled a list of 5 bands I think you should check out. I've got rock, pop/rock, blues, and electro to suit different tastes and moods. If you're in a music rut, these bands will help get you out!


  • 1

    Of Verona

    My most recent discovery is the electro-pop stylings of Of Verona. Sometimes dark, but always makes you sway, I'm in love with the lead vocals of Mandi Perkins and the 90s and even 80s feel the tracks can have. Their latest album "The White Apple" is out on iTunes as well as their other collections. If you want something new but hauntingly familiar, this is your band. We can discover them even more together! I'm thinking a big bright future is ahead for these guys!

  • 2

    Trapdoor Social

    When I went to see Trapdoor Social for the first time, I wasn't really sure to expect. I really still don't. With all kinds of instruments on tracks that vary from smooth to rocking, this band will keep you on your toes. They're killer live, and put their heart and soul in to everything they create. Not only that, but they're not bad on the eyes either! Lovely guys in a killer band. What else could you ask for?

  • 3

    Casey Hurt

    You may not think you're a singer/songwriter, bluesy, fan. But you won't even wonder after you listen to Casey Hurt. His gentle guitar and smokey vocals will make you fall in love. You can hear the influences of the greats, while Casey still makes original tunes. Even his covers feel fresh and new. His voice and presence are even great in person, so if you have a chance to see him live, jump on it. His song Mended Souls you may recognize from a recent Criminal Minds episode. Give Casey Hurt a listen, I know you'll be an instant fan.

  • 4

    Hobart Ocean

    If you're in the mood for infections pop-rock, Hobart Ocean are your guys. Well put together hooks and lyrics will have you singing in spite of yourself (or your heartbreak). These guys out of Southern California are quickly becoming my fave on a sunny afternoon. I have yet to meet them, but I've heard they're amazing! They're currently working on more music and show dates. Keep your eyes on these guys...

  • 5

    Heffron Drive

    I had the pleasure of meeting Heffron Drive (Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt) for the first time last year. It's so great when artists are not only crazy-talented, but seriously nice guys. Kendall, of Big Time Rush has a wonderful voice and amazing musical prowess. His partner, Dustin (played guitar with BTR) adds his own musical magic and has quite the voice himself. These two just released an acoustic version of their album Happy Mistakes (Unplugged) which I feel is superior to the original only because I like the clean-stripped down easy style of acoustic version. Both are very well done and seeing as the guys wrote, performed, and produced both albums pretty much on their own, that's saying a LOT!