So winter time has been weighing on me with all the holiday junk and foods. All I seem to do during winter time is eat eat eat, though you can't blame me! Holiday food is the best! But of course, I love my summer time more than I love my winter time so I try to hit the gym often. Over the years of going to the gym, I've realized I have gym pet peeves, as I'm sure all of us do! Here's a list of my top 5 gym pet peeves!

1. People who take up machines just to sit there and text or talk on the phone:

Seriously guys, I totally understand responding to important messages when you are at the gym, but when I see someone sit there for a whole 15 MINUTES on their phone, I get the urge to throw a dumbbell because they're using up a machine for no reason. Harsh, I know. I can't help it sometimes.

2. When I see someone drinking Starbucks Coffee while working out:

What is that about?! That's the reason we go there to begin with, because we've had one too many Starbucks Frappacinos! If you need an energy booster, try supplements from the supplement store. Why go to the gym and put in more than what you're working off?

3. When people sit at a machine with very little working out, and a lot of Tv watching:

I am all for Tv's in gyms to keep us entertained while working out. Sure, I'd love to watch Family Guy while I'm on the treadmill. Just tell me why some people treat it like a place where they can catch up on their Jersey Shore episodes. If you are taking up a machine just to watch Tv, please go home.

4. Wipe down your machine!!!:

Uhh, gross. Nobody wants to sit in your sweat! It takes less than a minute to wipe down equipment, please use that minute.

5. Gym Barbies:

Oh I absolutely LOVE when cutesie girls go to the gym with their hair down, cute gym clothes, make up, and walk on the treadmill at 3.0 mph without breaking a sweat. You're obviously here to get a good workout. NOW GET OFF THE TREADMILL SO I CAN USE IT.

So there's my Top 5 gym pet peeves. I obviously needed to vent about some of them if you couldn't tell. Glad it's off my chest!