Here's my list of my top 5 sexiest Seattle Seahawk players.

1. Choosing number 1 was the easiest. I would have to say Golden Tate is the sexiest player on the Seahawks team, I mean look at him.

Bob Levey
















2. You probably guessed it, Russell Wilson makes it to number two on my list. Russell all around is just a stud!

Ronald Martinez

3. Number 3 is Seattle Seahawk hero Richard Sherman.

Scott Halleran
















4. This list would not be complete unless it has Percy Harvin somewhere in it. (Excuse the ugly jersey, he now wears a sexier one!)

Stephen Dunn
















5. 'Beeaaassstttt' had to make the list though he may not be exactly physically attractive to me, he's my favorite player, making him somewhat sexy in my eyes. Marshawn Lynch.

Otto Greule Jr